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Joanne (Yankee Fan) and Fran Noel

Joanne Noel,  Ph.D., Professor of Architectural History and Art History,  Bozeman

Fran Noel, Professor Emeritus, School of Art, Montana State University, Bozeman

Joanne and Ruby the River Dog

Joanne taught architectural history at MSU, and loves fly fishing, bird watching, hiking, travelling and watching baseball.  She has travelled extensively in Europe,  East  Africa and the Middle East.  She has a working knowledge of French and German and is  well versed in Italian.   She is a student of piano and was at one time a licensed flight  instructor.
Fran (Francois) Noel has retired from teaching printmaking, drawing and watercolor classes at MSU but is still active in his own studio.   Fran is a life long fly fisher and a former member of the Dartmouth Ski Team and the US Nordic Ski Team.  He still competes in Northern Division Masters Alpine Racing.  He has also travelled in Europe and can get by in French.

Bow River Rainbow 2005

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Fran's Studio, Watercolor

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